"Laser S O S (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established over 15 years ago to manufacture and support the rapidly expanding use of lasers in a wide range of industries. Today, it has become the leading international manufacturer of laser machines and supplier of laser parts, consumables and associated laser products.  

Laser S O S (India) Pvt. Ltd. manufactures its own lamp pumped and diode pumped solid state laser machines for a wide range of applications as well as supplying spares and consumables for various laser systems.

We have supplied over 3000 laser machines and have satisfied customers worldwide for laser systems. The company's international growth has been achieved by providing not only outstanding quality, service and technical support, but also intelligent solutions based on in-house manufacturing capabilities and development activities. The customer support expertise is based on technically feasible and cost effective solutions. Laser S O S (India) Pvt. Ltd. core business sectors are diamond, jewellery and industrial community.  

Laser S O S (India) Pvt. Ltd. welcomes all clients to visit our facilities and discuss any aspect of laser technology and its applications. Our technical specialists will be pleased to discuss how today's laser technologies can be used to benefit and improve your organisation's current operation."
ND:YAG Lamp Pumped Machine
Diode Pumped Laser Machine
Green Diode Laser Machine
Power Supply & RF Driver
Lamp Pumped Sub - Assembly
Diode pumped Sub - Assembly
ND:YAG Lamp Pumped Marking Machine
ND:YAG Laser System S-Eco
Diode Pumped Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Laser Components
Diode Pumped Laser Coning Machine
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